Build a data collection plan from over 250 languages

Our wide coverage of over 250+ major languages allows you to tap into our workforce for large scale or on-demand multilingual transcription projects. Apart from popular languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German and French – we also offer transcripts in Chinese, Hindi, and other major languages from growing markets.


Combination of speech-to-text engine + human transcribers for speed, accuracy and affordability

Each of our transcriptionists is pre-vetted and carefully screened prior to hire. This helps us consistently deliver the best quality results to our clients. In addition, we use smart technology for reduced human errors and offer priority-based turnaround time.


Customized segmentation and labelling solution to effectively train your AI model

Along with accuracy and the ability to manage large scale orders, we offer customization that best fit your workflows coupled with a dedicated manager to help you at every step of the way.

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