Why Audio Bee?

Because other speech data solutions are either too expensive or too outdated.

why audio bee
Technology Agnostic

We are problem solvers, never limiting ourselves to just one tool or “one-size-fits-all” solution to solve the complex problems we encounter every day. Our flexible platform integrates with any commercial or proprietary toolset so you have the right tool for the job.

High-Quality Data

Our pre-vetted, trained workers and trusted reviewers ensure high-quality results. In addition to our highly skilled staff, we use smart technology and customizable quality control workflows that further guarantee results of the highest accuracy.

why audio bee
Comprehensive Coverage

Typical crowdsourcing companies generally do not support languages other than English, at scale. In contrast, Audio Bee has native speakers of 200+ languages working round-the-clock so you can get multilingual training data for machine learning, fast.

Our Services

Audio Bee provides human-labeled data services for voice, images, text & audio

Audio Transcription

Enterprise-grade transcription service with superior quality and also matching the industry’s best turnaround time.

Speech Data Collection

Improve, train and create voice-enabled apps with comprehensive speech data collection services in over 250+ languages.

Annotation & Labeling

Locate and classify entities in an unstructured dataset into predefined groups or segments.

Data Validation

Validate source data before processing so that it is accurate and of high quality.


Localize data from source language into over 250+ native languages and locales.

Our Solutions

We offer flexible solutions that best matches your need. Here’s two ways to typically engage with us:

Fully Managed Service

Take full advantage of our managed speech data solution that offers a smart combination of our pre-vetted workforce, online work platform and a dedicated account manager to make your project run smoothly.

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Your Tools, Our Workforce

Already have a work platform up and running? Then you can simply tap into our workforce-only solution for your speech data collection, transcription, data labeling and segmentation/annotation needs.

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Our Process

We launch and scale your projects based on a structured approach for smooth and more successful delivery.

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