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Skilled workers to build your speech datasets

Train your speech AI or generate accurate transcripts in high volume through native speakers, transcribers, and experienced annotators.

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Fully Managed Solution

End-to-end solution with fully-managed humans in the loop for building your AI speech data.

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Speech Data Collection

Train your AI datasets on monological or conversational speech data with minimal involvement on your part through our fully-managed workforce.

Once you upload the speech data required to train your AI, specify the project requirements by creating a new project and filling out the form. We will review it and approve the project if we have no questions.

You will be able to see our rates for the project and approve it.

Once approved, our project scheduler automatically assigns the task to our best voice recording freelancers. All recordings go through a review process by an experienced native reviewer based on your review criteria.

You get to review the recordings approved by our reviewers. You have the final say on whether you want to reject the recordings, send them back for review or approve them. You will then be able to sync all final approved output to your cloud storage of choice.

Our voice recordists are native speakers of the language for which you require speech data. We ask all voice recording participants to go through a test which we review to check if they are a native speaker and whether they followed the standard requirements of a good quality voice recording.

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Receive transcripts with customized segmentation and annotations for your transcription projects with our fully-managed team of native or near-native transcribers.

Training Speech-to-Text (STT) Engine

Similar to creating a new project for voice recording, you will need to provide us access to your audio or video files that need to be transcribed, create a new transcription project and fill out your project requirements which we will review and approve if everything looks good.

Once you approve the project rates, the project will go live and our project scheduler will automatically distribute the tasks to our best transcribers. We can handle transcription tasks with basic guidelines to a complicated one with highly specific speaker section segmentation and annotation requirements.

By using our fully managed transcription services, you get to save up on unnecessary fees on any additional tools because you will get an end-to-end solution.

Generating Accurate Transcripts

Generating Transcripts From Scratch

Where applicable, we use transcription software to automatically create a first draft transcription for efficiency. Our professionals improve the transcription before our experienced reviewers check and finalize it for delivery.

Improving Automatic Transcription

You can also send us your machine transcripts directly using API-based integration or any other method that is convenient for both parties. With the help of our transcribers who are native to the language you are transcribing, you can expect to receive your transcripts with at least 99% accuracy within the required timeframe.

The transcription AI we use produces transcripts with over 80% accuracy on average and 90-95% accuracy with clear audio for high resource languages. It is raised to at least 99% with the help of our transcribers, who have all gone through a strict testing and training phase for quality control.

For solutions regarding tools, check out the Transcription Tools page.

Workforce Only Solution

Get skilled and experienced workers for your speech data projects.
Contact us to discuss any specific requirements.


Speech Data Collection

Through a high-quality delivery system and team of native language speakers, we have helped build speech datasets in more than 250 languages and dialects from all over the world.

We have provided the workforce to deliver quality speech data for projects that needed 20 to 20,000 people per language.

Please do note that with our fully-managed solution, we have access to all data that we need for analysis and intervention if required. With our workforce solution only, quality control procedures will depend on in-house tools or third-party tools.

We prefer some data integrations to provide a high quality output within your project deadline.


We have done transcription of over 1 million minutes to date in 52 languages, and counting!

We understand that you want us to use your transcription tools because you have built all the workflows and reporting that you need based on your requirements.

There are very few transcription service providers that can work with your tools and still deliver the same quality output if they were to use their in-house tools.

Audio Bee is able to provide you transcription services using your tools and your workflows. We have built custom tools to manage our resources and quality control processes to accommodate third-party tools.

Our transcribers are capable of working on all types of audio including general conversations, lectures, presentations, talk show interviews, board meetings, job interviews, news interviews, medical case records, online classes, podcasts, and more.


Why Audio Bee?

Only those who are skilled and have the highest work standards
qualify to join our workforce.


Competitive Pricing

For the quality that we deliver, Audio Bee offers one of the most competitive prices in the speech AI data training services industry. Pricing is more than reasonable considering the additional benefits we offer.


World-class Systems

Our workforce is tested thoroughly and those who pass receive training that helps them become even better. We also have experienced reviewers for quality control. If you only require workforce then we prepare them beforehand so they easily adapt to using your systems.


Large-scale Operation

We can process a lot of data without compromising quality. This includes speech data collection and transcription for over 250 languages and dialects from all over the world through native speakers.


Our workers can work from home or a secured facility can be arranged for them if they need to work on sensitive data. Data breaches will also not be a problem since each worker is fully aware of its importance and has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Quality & Quickness

Only around 46% of applicants for Voice Recording and about 27% of applicants for Transcription pass our qualifying requirements. Additional training ensures that you receive a quality output within the required timeframe.

Native Workforce

We recruit native speakers because of their language expertise. Those who consistently perform well among them have the opportunity of becoming reviewers so quality is incentivized, allowing for an effective overall output through competitive engagement.

Benefits of a Human In The Loop System

What benefits does a Human In The Loop (HITL) workforce system provide?

Better Trained Machine

The implementation of HITL allows for machine learning algorithms to be greatly improved through continuous training, testing, tuning, and validation. Your data collection system becomes superior because of constant adjustments and refinement.

Improved Output

Using a human in the loop system means that you get the best of both worlds - the quantitative contributions of the AI and the qualitative refinement of humans. You receive an overall boost in structure, accuracy and speed in producing the required speech data output.

Reliability & Consistency

The HITL method is reliable because the human workforce is able to curate and improve the quality of your AI data. Unlike a solution with a focus solely on one party, a human in the loop system consistently brings you a superior output.

Case Studies


Large-scale machine transcription project for a global communications company

A well known language service provider struggled to meet their target output for a large-scale machine transcription training project with over 30 languages. They initially hired freelancers but the cost of hiring and training them was getting too expensive. Audio Bee solved their problems.


High-volume transcription plus speech data collection for a data & QA solutions company

A data & QA solutions company working for a tech giant required large numbers of transcribers and high volumes of speech data to finish their transcription project within the deadline. Audio Bee started on a few projects before being handed plenty more because of our efficiency.


Build Your Speech Datasets

Our skilled workforce delivers you the required speech data output for your project using various speech data collection tools.

If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to discuss them with us by emailing them to

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