Case Study

Customized Speech Data Collection Tools for a South Asian University

A South Asian university was engaged in a speech data collection project, where their students were required to collect quantitative speech data for analysis. Their lack of experience in the matter as well as the absence of proper tools meant that they could neither collect nor manage the required recordings.

Audio Bee offered a demonstration of tool features and capabilities to the university. They opted to test it out and then went on to use it to complete their speech data collection project successfully.

The Challenges

No Speech Data Collection Tools

Although the university was engaged in speech data collection, they lacked the proper tools to tackle this project successfully. The speech data collection tools available elsewhere were too expensive and not up to par with what was required. They could also not make these tools on their own as it was too much of time, money and effort investment.

Lack of Experience

The university lacked experience in conducting speech data collection projects. It is a good thing for institutions of higher education to dabble in areas that are new for them but, in this case, they had difficulty moving forward due to their inexperience. There was also the absence of proper project management.

The Solution

Handed them our
speech data collection tools

Provided support and assistance
where necessary

The Results

Audio Bee’s speech data collection tools and guidance helped the South Asian university to complete their project successfully with no problems.

Project Completion Within Deadline

With Audio Bee’s help, the university was able to complete their project within the deadline. There were no term extensions and no task was overdue. Everything was done effectively as well as accurately on time.

Smooth & Simple Process

Despite not having prior experience on speech data collection, the university was able to work on their project with ease. Audio Bee’s tools made sure that the process was smooth and simple. We had initially demonstrated our tools before allowing the university to test it for themselves. After a few customizations, they were able to use it efficiently.

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