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Build an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model from the ground up or improve your model with Audio Bee’s speech data collection tools once it is up and running.

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Solutions for your speech data needs

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1. Voice Command Data Collection Tool

The Voice Command Data Collection Tool is for collecting speech data for your voice-enabled human machine interface. Speech data for voice commands can be divided into two parts, wake up words and the actual command.

Collect and manage high-quality speech data easily using our tool to ensure your speech AI can better understand voice commands.

2. Call Center Data Collection Tool

The Call Center Data Collection Tool is for recording conversations. Long conversations can be divided into two sections, scripted speech data and unscripted speech data.

Audio Bee’s tool lets you collect both scripted speech data with specific guidelines or unscripted speech data for topics you want to further train your ASR models in.

3. Monological Speech Data Collection Tool

The Monological Speech Data Collection Tool is for recording long monological speech data to build speech accent archives and audiosets. This tool can also be used to collect voice samples to set up and train your voice recognition models.

Audio Bee’s robust speech data collection tools can be customized to handle projects of different scales.

What We Offer

Audio Bee’s browser-based speech data collection tools lets you collect voice recordings from anywhere in the world, on any device.



Choose the testing criteria that fits your needs.


Choose the testing criteria that fits your needs


Automated workflows at various points throughout testing allow smoother communication and submissions


Designed to be used as a practice environment for workers to improve performance


Integrate custom workflows easily on our browser-based tool.


Fully compatible with any device due to its browser-based design


Built-in noise level checker for quiet environments


Third-party tool integratable



Smoother feedback communication and improvements.


Directly connect with reviewers and workers for quick feedback communication


Get quality control reports that summarize error types on your project dashboard


Workers receive regular feedbacks to help improve recording quality


Check whether basic quality, and language-specific guidelines are being followed

Project Management

Customized workflow management for smoother output.


Add multiple team members including vendors for voice collection projects


Customizable workflow models to improve the delivery speed and quality of your output


Easily export output in any format in the platform of your choice


Send us an email at  sales@audiobee.ai to speak with us today!

Our Workforce Solution

We understand that most technology companies already have their own voice recording tools or may want to use a third party tool for voice recording. Tap into our trained native workforce to further scale your project using your own choice of tools.


In-house Tools

If you have existing transcription tools and are looking for skilled workers, we can provide them for you. Our transcription workforce solution lets you access native transcribers to work using the tools you have on hand for the languages you require.


Third-party Tools

If you do not have your own transcription tools and use third-party tools, we can provide the workforce for that. However, with our fully-managed solution, you can avoid spending on these tools altogether since we have the necessary tools on our platform.

Visit the  Workforce Solution page for more information.

Case Studies


Speech data collection for a Language Service Provider

When a publicly traded translation & localization company in South Korea took on a large scale speech data collection project, they did not have the data collection tools to complete the project. Out of multiple vendors, Audio Bee provided them with the tool to not only collect speech data but also integrated it with their cloud storage device for fast and continuous output.


Large-scale machine transcription project for a global communications company

A well-known language service provider struggled to meet their target output for a large-scale machine transcription training project with over 30 languages. They initially hired freelancers but the cost of hiring and training them was getting too expensive. Audio Bee solved their problems.


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