Case Study

Speech Data Collection & Transcription for a
QA Solutions Company

A data & QA solutions company lacked the sufficient workforce for high-volume speech data collection and transcription projects for a tech giant. Although they had some vendors working for them already, they were unable to generate the required level of output.

Audio Bee provided a fully-managed speech data collection and transcription service. The speech data collection project needed 200 recordings from 1,000 people in 47 languages within a month.

For transcription, it was actually two projects handled simultaneously, with 4 sub-projects under both of them. The difficulty level was very high as high volumes of acoustic transcription and annotation of other language-related features were needed within 20 days.

The company had a budget constraint and there was also difficulty finding enough skilled workforce quickly. It is here when Audio Bee stepped up to deliver the required output without going over-budget and keep pace with the tight schedules.

The Challenges

Difficulty Acquiring Workforce

Since the company was engaged in speech data collection for 47 languages and high-volume transcriptions, it was difficult to quickly find the skilled workforce that was needed. To add to this, the transcription project was of very high complexity and even competent transcribers would have difficulty working on them. This is why their existing vendors had been unable to meet output requirements.

Scale, Time & Tool Constraints

Along with multiple large sub-projects that came one after another, the company had strict deadlines. These time constraints meant that they were having to cut some corners in quality control because of their lengthy review and feedback cycle. They were not able to meet their output with the vendors they were working with and had to look for more solution providers. Additionally, the transcription tools they used lacked functionalities that accommodated the custom workflows their workers engaged in.

Inadequate Project Management

The company neither wanted to scale their teams extensively nor push back deadlines. Their current data collection and transcription process incorporated custom workflows, which worked fine but was inefficient. Since they were engaged in a large scale project and on a tight budget, a lot of time was spent researching various vendors and solutions. They wanted to improve overall project management for consistent high-quality outputs without going over their budget.

The Solution

Provided sufficient numbers of native speakers &

Allocated the right people & fully-utilized our specialized transcription tools

Established a smooth review-feedback cycle & daily summary reports

The Results

In addition to solving their workforce and output problems, Audio Bee also exceeded their expectations by performing well consistently.

High-quality Output Within Deadlines

Before providing any workers, we trained and tested them on our platform with a similar system to that of the company. Due to this, they were easily able to jump in and produce an acceptable quality output. The speech data collection team quickly finished the tasks they were allocated and in very good quality. As a result, they were assigned more work, which was supposed to go to another vendor. The transcription projects took considerably more effort, with only about 25% of the total output in the first 10 days. Alongside the help of our transcription tool, we closely monitored and effectively managed our transcribers to finish it within the next 10 days. No deadline was crossed.

Scalability of the Team

Our competitive rates and capable workforce allowed the company to easily scale their team and workloads. We consistently provided the required number of skilled voice recordists and transcribers to the projects without any compromise on quality. This not only helped them meet the output requirements set by the tech giant but also have it be more accurate. All this without infringing on their budget limitations.

Synergy & Better Communication

We provided the company with daily and weekly summary reports so that they were always in the loop of what was going on. They always knew the progress and the pace at which tasks were being completed. The feedback we provided was also more specific and quite helpful. We had our own reviewers for quality control so the company assigned a high-level reviewer to assess tasks at random instead of going through each one. Overall efficiency rose as there was synergy and better communication between them and the workforce.

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