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Audio Bee lets you collect and manage high-quality training data in one platform to build & operate accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines faster.

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Speech data tools built for


Speech Data Scientists

who want to train & validate their speech AI models


Speech Operations Managers

who want to improve performance through automation


Speech Product Managers

who want to improve their speech AI products

Our Tools


Speech Data Collection

Collect high-quality speech data to train voice-enabled machine interfaces with our range of speech data collection tools.

  • Voice Command Data Collection
  • Call Center Data Collection
  • Monological Data Collection
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Audio Transcription

Transcribe audio files easily for more accurate data for your speech AI on our transcription platforms.

  • Speech Command Transcription
  • Long Transcription
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Customize Your Workflow

Accommodate customizable workflows with our speech data tools to
take control of your next big project.



Build qualitative testing criterias for checking native speakers & recording environments, or basic guidelines & accuracy.


Automated task allocation and built-in communication features allow you to focus on work and deliver faster output.



Communicate feedback and quality control measures directly to your vendors & workers through our review portal.


Project Management

Keep track of and manage project progress and resources including easy communication between you and your team members.

Why Audio Bee?

Because other speech data solutions fall short in providing
the right tools to build your ASR engine.


End-to-end Tools for
Speech Data

Machine learning models are only as good as its training data. Audio Bee provides tools to create and manage high-quality training data for speech recognition technologies including tools for speech data collection, speech transcription and annotation.


Customizable Features for
Enhanced Performance

Most speech data solutions have a linear workflow that offers minimal customization options at most. In contrast, Audio Bee’s robust tools are equipped to handle customized workflows and are integrable with your tools, offering workforce management features including quality control.


Complete Workforce

Along with tools to enhance your workflow, Audio Bee also provides workforce solutions to scale your project. Be it our tools, your own tools, or a third-party tool, you can harness our trained workforce to collect speech data or generate accurate transcripts and annotations in volume.

Workforce Solutions

Along with our software solution, Audio Bee offers flexible workforce
solutions that best match your needs.


In-house Tools

If you have existing speech data collection or transcription tools and are looking for skilled workers, our transcription workforce solution lets you access native workers for your projects using the tools you have on hand.


Third-party Tools

If you are using third-party tools, our fully-managed solution lets you tap into our native workforce and avoid spending on additional tools altogether since we have the necessary tools on our platform.

Tap into our workforce-only solution for better trained machines as well as
improved & consistent output for scalablility.

Visit the Workforce Solutions page for more information.

Case Studies


Autonomous Cars

When a leading publicly-listed language services provider (LSP) in South Korea took on a large scale speech data collection project with no tools or capability, they needed an audio collection tool that could handle the scale of the project and meet its special requirements. Audio Bee provided the LSP with the right tool as well as the workforce to deliver fast and continuous output.



A South Asian university had a speech data collection project that required students to collect quantitative data for analysis. However, the university lacked the experience and tools to properly collect and manage the recordings. Audio Bee’s speech data collection tool proved to be a solution that significantly met their data collection requirements solving several issues in the process.


Speech Tech

A leading North American tech company had a project that required audio transcription services in multiple difficult languages. Audio Bee provided the necessary transcription tools and resources to help fulfill the client’s need within the time frame they wanted.


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